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Top 5 Best Physician Doctors in Bihar Sharif | Doctor in Biharsharif

A doctor is one of the most respected professions in the world. He is considered God on earth. The doctor is the name of the profession, the person who performs the treatment is called the doctor.

But there are categories in this profession like pediatrician, physician (general practitioner), neurologist, endocrinologist etc. I have prepared for you a list of the best physicians of Biharsharif. So that you do not face any difficulties to find a best doctor in Biharsharif.

Top 5 Best Physician Doctors in Bihar Sharif

#1. Dr. Shayam Narayan
#2. Dr. Laxman Kumar
#3. Dr. Mithlesh Kumar
#4. Dr. Abhay Kumar
#5. Dr. Dharmender Singha

#1. Dr Shayam Narayan Prasad - Charak Chikitsa

  1. Contact- +91 85285 28523, +91 94710 09246
  2. Address- Doctors Colony, Khandarpar Bihar Sharif, Nalanda
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Dr. Shyam Narayan is one of the few distinguished physicians of Biharsharif. He was the first doctor to obtain an MD degree in Biharsharif. Not only this, he has more than 20 years of experince.

He speaks politely to the patient, asks everything related to the disease, then prescribes the medicine. He gives time to the patient.

His diagnosis is very good, if you are going for the first time with a minor health problem, you will never ask that you go for a test. But the process of taking time from Dr. Shyam Narayan is difficult. One has to take physical appointment in the morning from Monday to Saturday. 

Management of Charak Chikits Clinic is Done by Dr. Shyam Narayan self. You can only know his availability through the contact number.

Consult Dr. Shayam Narayan For- Dengue, Malaria, Viral fever, Weakness, Cough, Pain, Immunity, Digestion, Stomach and general health problem.

#2. Dr. Laxman Kumar - Nalanda Health Care

Dr Laxman Kumar bihar sharif

  1. Contact- +91 7781832868
  2. Address- Kachari Road, Near Balika School, Biharsharif, Nalanda (New address)
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Dr. Laxman Kumar is a young and dynamic Physician of Biharsharif. You can estimate their popularity by looking at the number of patients gathered outside the clinic premises. 

He has no emergency service, but has general wards to keep patients under his supervision. Due to overcrowding of the patient, he is unable to give adequate time to the patient properly. 

In fact Biharsharif has many doctors but only a few are the best. Nalanda district has a population of about 28 lakhs, all the patients from remote villages come to the city of Biharsharif for the best treatment, which is one reason for the overgrowth of the patient. 

Consult Dr. Laxman Kumar For- Infection, Flue, Maleria, Fever, Cough and general health problem.

#3. Dr Mithilesh Parsad

best physician in bihar sharif dr mithilesh pasad

  1. Contact- +91 6112 233 818
  2. Address- Bhaisa Sur Chauraha, Kachari Road, Bihar Sharif, Nalanda
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Another big name in the medical fraternity is Dr. Mithilesh Prasad. Some doctors have to work hard throughout life, but do not reach the respected position as Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Bihar Sharif has reached.

Dr. Mithilesh is a good doctor in Naharanda district as well as Biharsharif. Their method of treatment is very simple, asks every detail of the patient then prescribe the medicine. You do not need to visit his clinic again and again  for the same problem. His diagnosis is very good.

Dr. Mithilesh Kumar has vast experience in medical field. For general health treatment one can approach him.

#4. Dr Abhay Kumar Singh - Jeevan Dhara

Dr Abhay Kumar Singh - Jeevan Dhara

  1. Contact- +91 77828 04007
  2. Address-North From Bhaisasur Chauraha, Kachari Road, Biharsharif, Naland
  3. See Map
I am telling you with my personal experience, no doctor in Biharsharif can hold as much respect for senior citizens as Dr. Abhay Kumar Bihar Sharif has for senior citizens.

He takes special care of the senior citizen. Dr. Abhay is one of the well-known doctors of Bihar Sharif. Doctor Abhay Kumar Singh does not give heavy medicines, and also does not get his patients tested. His diagnosis is quite accurate, he is able to identify the disease through the diagnosis and symptoms of the patients.

He is not like other doctors who rely on blood tests, X-rays etc. to identify the disease of the patients. Only in rare case does he allow his patient to undergo tests etc.

Dr. Abhay Kumar is a very liberal doctor in Bihar Sharif, believe me that half of your disease will go away after visiting his clinic. 

Consult Dr. Abhay Kumar  Biharsharif For- Diabetes, BP, Viral fever, Weakness, Cough, Pain, Immunity, Digestion, Stomach and general health problem.

#5. Dr. Dharmendra Singh - Life Care 

Dr. Dharmendra Singh - Life Care

  1. Contact-+91 7004821835, +91 94708 99510, +91 97712 03570
  2. Address- Aitwari Bazar, Kaghzi Mohalla, Ranchi Road, Bihar Sharif, Nalanda
  3. See Map

Life Care Hospital is operated by Dr Dharmendra Singh. He has quickly gained popularity through his skills and knowledge.

Dr Dharmendra Singh Life Care Hospital provides emergency service which is a plus point.

All the latest equipment facilities are in the hospital premises. You find support staff there. Doctor Dharmendra himself is very generous.

When all hospitals intend to make money only, but Life Care Hospital is serving the patient through high-grade medical services under the supervision of Dr Dharmendra. 

Consult Dr. Dharmendra Singh For- Emergency Health Services, Diabetes, Fever, Cough and general disease.

Conclusion:- Apart from above physicians in Bihar Sharif, there are numerous physicians are available in Biharsharif. 
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