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Best ENT Doctor in Bihar Sharif | Top ENT Specialist BiharSharif

 Doctors specialist in treating of ear, neck and nose are called ENTs Doctor and also known as otolaryngologists. ENT stands for ear, nose and throat. Bihar Sharif has few but best ENTs doctors, complete details are following.

 3 Best ENT Doctor in Bihar Sharif

Top ENTs Biharsharif Contact
#1. Dr Ashwani Kumar
+91 7250212697
#2. Dr Ritesh Kumar
#3. Dr Arun

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#1: Dr Ashwani Kumar : ENT Hospital Biharsharif 

  • Contact:-+91 7250212697 
  • Address - Doctors Colony, Khandak Par, Biharsharif -803101 
  • See Map

Now a day, treatment is very costly, one has to pay heavy amount to get medical facilities. But, this is not applicable to Dr Ashwani kumar because he is one of few doctors who treat at most affordable cost with commitment. 

Dr Ashwani Kumar ENT Hospital is equipped with latest and advanced technology. Staff and management are friendly. You can get high class of treatment there. Dr Ashwani is very polite and soft in communication with the patients, he goes extra mile to satisfy patient that is why he is best Ent doctor in Bihar Sharif. 

#2: DR. Ritesh : ENT Hospital Bihar Sharif Nalanda

  • Contact:-+917631741218 
  • Address Bhaisasur Chauraha, Near By Bachha Hospital, Bihar Sharif, Nalanda 
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Patients prefer to visit the hospital which is capable of treating ENT with modern medical equipment.It is often seen that in the name of advance machine, the hospital management charges a huge amount from the patient, which makes the treatment expensive.

However, this patient is treated with commitment using the advanced medical machine available at the cheapest cost in Dr Ritesh hospital Biharsharif

 #3: Dr Arun Kumar : Nalanda Ent Clinic

  •  Contact:-+919431419665
  • Kaghzi Mohalla, Ranchi Road,Bihar Sharif Nalanda 803101
  • See Map

 Dr. Arun Kumar an ENT specialist and a big name in Bihar Sharif Nalanda, he is expert in diagnosing all types of problem of ear, nose and throat of a patient. He has all the necessary medical equipment that help him to determine the disease of a patience. 

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