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Bihar Sharif Badi Dargah | Bihar Sharif Dargah

Bihar Sharif has also been a very sacred place for Muslims after the Bodh religion. Because the tomb of the greatest Sufi of the century is in Biharsharif Badi Dargah, he (Makhdum Baba) was born on 7-July-1263 in Patna, Maner district.
bihar sharif badi dargah makhdum baba

Let me tell you a fact, the dargah is said to be a place that has graves of Sufis and saints. There are many dargahs in Biharsharif as well because Hazrat Makhdoom was more knowledgeable Sufi than all Sufis of Biharsharif, hence his dargah is called Badi Dargah.

Birth of Hazrat Makhdum Baba

According to the authentic book Maktobat-e-Saadi, he was born on 29-Shaban-661 Hijri or 26-Shaban-661 Hijri. (Islamic calendar also known as Hijri) (lunar calendar).

The ancestor of Hazrat Makhdum Baba

  • Hazrat Imam Mohammad Taj Faquih ( Grand Grandfather of Makhdum Baba, Biharsharif)
  • Hazrat Sheikh Ismael (Cousin Grandfather of Makhdum Baba, Biharsharif)
  • Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Aziz(Cousin Grandfather of Makhdum Baba, Biharsharif)
  • Hazrat Sheikh Israel (Grand Father of Makhdum Baba, Biharsharif)
  • Hazrat Makhdoom Yahya Maneri (Father of Makhdum Baba)
  • Hazrat Bibi Razia (Mother of Makhdum Baba, Biharsharif)
  • Hazrat Sheikh Jalil(Brother of Makhdum Baba)
  • Hazrat Sheikh Khalil Uddin (Brother of Makhdum Baba)
  • Hazrat Sheikh Habib Uddin (Brother of Makhdum Baba)
  • Hazra Sheikh Sharful Haq Uddin (Self later became or Hazrat Makhdum Sheikh Sharfuddin Yahya Maneri or Makhdum-e-Jahan)

Bihar Sharif Badi Dargah Chiraga Mela

Every year on the 5th of Eid month, Makhdum Baba's death anniversary is celebrated at the Dargah where he is buried. On this occasion, the Dargah is decorated by the lover of baba Makhdum, the qawwali program is arranged there, and food and lodging are also arranged for those who come from outside to visit Badi Dargah.
There is a big ground near the Badi Dargah where a Chiraga mela is also organized on this occasion, in which there are many Jhula, toy shops, halwa-paratha shops, due to which there is a huge crowd of people comes at evening time with their family, this mela runs from 1st Eid to 10 Eid, Badi Dargah mela is very famous in India for its unique style.

Management of Bihar Sharif Badi Dargah

Bihar Sharif Dargah is managed by the Khadim family of Baba Makhdoom Sb,  who has been given the title of Pir Saheb. Pir Saheb is also a very famous personality, his residence is in a locality called Khanqah Mohalla at Bihar Sharif, near the Badi Dargah. It is believed that Pir can be from the Khadim family.

How to reach Bihar Sharif Dargah?

The Bihar Sharif Dargah is located in the center of Bihar Sharif, a city that has become a smart city recently. Bihar Sharif is 75 km from Patna, the capital of Bihar.
You can easily reach Biharsharif by train or bus from Patna. If you travel by bus to Biharsharif, you will get down at Ramchander Pur bus stand, take a rickshaw or auto to Badi Dargah, it takes hardly 5 minutes to reach the Biharsharif Dargah.

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