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List of MLA candidates in Bihar Sharif assembly for Bihar Legislative Assembly election 2020

Election will be held on November 3, 2020 in the second phase on Biharsharif assembly seat. Talking of a candidate contesting the seat of MLA on this seat, their numbers are 23. You will get to know the detailed list of MLA candidates in Bihar Sharif-172 on this post. (in a second)

Bihar Sharif-172 is one of the seventh assembly seats in Nalanda district. This district is the hometown of former Railway Minister and Chief Minister of Bihar. Dr. Sunil Kumar is the current MLA of Bihar Sharif from BJP Party. He has been serving this Legislative Assembly as an MLA for the last three terms. It is challenging for any party other than JDU or NDA to win the Biharsharif assembly seat. The NDA once again showed confidence in its sitting MLA Sunil Kumar and allotted him the party's election symbol.

With RJD alliance candidate Sunil Kumar, the election has become more interesting as he is giving tough competition to the sitting MLA. According to political experts, the minority vote, which is 40%, will play a decisive role in the victory of any candidate if not divided.

But it does not seem so, the wife of former MLA Pappu Khan is also contesting the assembly elections in this seat. Pappu Khan, who has a strong hold on the minority community, can secure a good amount of votes. Some political gurus believe that if all Muslims support Pappu Khan, then his wife can win this election.

RJD alliance candidate
NDA sitting MLA
Independent candidate
RJD alliance candidate Sunil kumar

NDA sitting mla dr sunil kumar

Afreen Sultana wife of pappu khan independent candidate

3 out of 23 candidates are believed to be the strongest contenders; Any of these 3 candidates can win this seat. But the RJD alliance candidates are in first place in the race.

Have a look at List of MLA candidates in Bihar Sharif 172.

List of MLA candidates in Bihar Sharif 172

List of MLA candidates in Bihar Sharif 172

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